It’s been 29 years since I started my first software company while a sophomore at University of California, Davis — kinda feels like last month… that is until I think about the trials and tribulations of the 6 different software start-ups that I co-founded in the years following. Then I feel pretty old and beat-up.

After all these years, I continue to believe that the entrepreneurial journey and specifically the technology start-up ecosystem that has flourished since then can be an incredible power for good (for everybody).

For the last 3 years I have personally shifted from building/running companies to investing full-time in very early-stage technology companies. There is an art form to creating and building momentum around a start-up, mostly based on specific skills and tactics we’ve honed over the years in Silicon Valley.

I have never blogged/written (at all) throughout all these years of company-building.

So I’m starting today… to accomplish 2 very specific things (and would love your feedback or help):

  1. ) To surface as much of the useful tactics, practices, tools and secrets to standing-up a new start-up company from scratch — from concept to funding to growth to final exit.
  2. ) To make this information available to a MUCH broader audience of people who perhaps have never had the luxury of dreaming about building amazing companies that can impact society or change the world, and who didn't grow up in the suburbs of Silicon Valley. (* I am not totally sure how to do this one, but open to any good ideas)